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Add More Luxury to Your Home with Simple Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

standing bath tub on tile floor

As we greet another new year, are you dreaming of refreshing those areas of your home that work the hardest – your kitchen and bathrooms?

While winter is not traditionally the best season to undertake major renovations, you can alleviate cabin fever with easy kitchen and bath upgrades that make your home feel more like a comfortable haven than ever before.

Today we’re taking a look at simple, relatively inexpensive upgrades that add luxury and user-friendliness – either as DIY projects or jobs that are easy for contractors to get done in a single visit to your home. And the best news is, Weinstein Supply can help with each of these ideas!

In the Bathroom…

Add a towel warmer

standing bath tubMake your bathroom more spa-like and drape yourself in warmth as you exit the shower or bath with a simple towel warmer. Whether wall-mounted or freestanding, towel warmers have several benefits beyond providing extra comfort, too, including helping wet towels dry faster and reducing the risk of foul-smelling mildew forming on the towel material.

And while towel warmers may seem like one of those dreaded “single-purpose” additions to your space, they’re actually quite useful. They offer a place to dry damp coats, gloves, and hats after time spent out in the winter snow, and can also provide supplemental heating to your bathroom. In fact, if you have a small bath, your towel warmer may be able to make it quite cozy without the need to turn up your home’s thermostat.

A wide range of price points exist for towel warmers due to the vast array of options available, but you’ll find that many won’t break the bank. And, if you shop with us here at Weinstein Supply, you’ll discover that some models may even carry a lifetime warranty.

Create places to hang towels and robes close to the shower/tub

If adding a towel warmer doesn’t seem right for your space, there’s a simpler option to add a touch of extra convenience to your everyday shower or bath experience.

Install hooks, open shelving, or racks within easy reach of your tub or shower so that you can quickly wrap yourself in a robe or towel the moment you turn the water off. You’ll never have to do the chilly dash to the other side of the room or leave your towel in a heap on the floor beside the bathtub again!

Get a new showerhead

Have you ever stayed in a hotel with an amazing showerhead that totally enhanced your showering experience? It’s true that many of us just continue to use the same old builder-grade showerhead that was installed by someone else – your home’s builder, a previous owner, or the plumber who fixed the shower when it was leaking a few years ago.

Showering is such a mundane daily task that we just don’t think much about improving it. However, upgrading your showerhead may just be one of the bathroom refresh projects that gives you the most bang for your buck – it is extremely easy, and it may just change your life!

For example, does your current showerhead provide adequate water pressure? If it’s been in place for many years, the answer is probably no. Even if you clean it often, your showerhead can eventually become clogged with mineral deposits, or it may not be configured to maximize flow. Newer showerheads from specialty manufacturers, like those we carry here at Weinstein Supply, are designed to bring some power to your shower (in terms of flow rate) while even saving water!

Add a bidet attachment to your toilet

Here in the US, we’re not accustomed to the personal hygiene fixture that much of the rest of the industrialized world relies on – the bidet. It’s true that some very expensive homes may feature a bidet in a master bathroom or you may come across one in a swanky hotel, but most Americans don’t realize what they are missing when it comes to cleaning up.

If a bidet has been on your bathroom renovation wish list for some time (they have many benefits, including possibly cutting back your family’s reliance on those sewer system-destroying wet wipes), know that it’s easier than ever to install one without a major plumbing overhaul. Technological advancements have given us bidet attachments that can be easily added to your existing toilet to lend some high tech luxury to your loo.

In the Kitchen…

Get a new sink (or just a new faucet)

Just as replacing your utilitarian showerhead in the bathroom may transform a boring part of your everyday life, changing out your kitchen sink, or even just replacing your basic old faucet may bring a little joy back to your kitchen. What if your sink was deeper and had more compartments? Or what if your kitchen faucet could be activated with a wave of your hand instead of manually lifting a handle? Imagine the luxurious convenience!

It’s likely you have at least one thing you would change about your current kitchen sink setup to improve function and/or style, and we’re here to let you know that replacing your sink may be easier than you think – even if you’re not ready to change out your countertops. The best way to discover all of your options for new sinks AND faucets, with advice from knowledgeable experts, is to visit our new showroom just outside the city of Lancaster.

Refresh cabinets with custom hardware

Have you looked into replacing old, worn cabinetry and were shocked by the price tag? If you’re not quite ready to commit to a major kitchen renovation, or even a “refacing” project, changing out drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, and hinges may provide just enough of an upgrade to satisfy you in the meantime (and for much less money).

While changing out hardware can sometimes be a bit more complicated than it first seems – especially if you’re going to need to drill new holes in doors or drawer facings, it’s still very much a DIY-type project that can be finished quickly and with very little mess. The biggest issue you’ll likely encounter is just how many choices you will have when it comes to hardware. Knobs and pulls can be made from virtually any material from hand-blown glass or plastic to nearly any metal you can think of. (If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t forget that we can help you choose!)

Create a “beverage center”

Whether you’re a coffee lover or enjoy fine wines, having dedicated space in your kitchen to prepare drinks for yourself or guests is the ultimate luxury. Adding specialty gear like coffee bean grinding machinery, a wine refrigerator, or a standalone ice machine are great if you have a large budget, but all you really need is some spare cabinet and counter space, and a user-friendly layout.

Don’t forget, though, that access to ultra-filtered water is crucial for making the best-tasting coffee and certain mixed drinks. Installing an additional tap at your kitchen sink that’s connected to a filtration system to remove impurities from your drinking water is a great idea, and more economical than you might think.

Looking to improve your bathroom or kitchen on a budget, or dreaming of making much bigger changes? Here at Weinstein Supply, our experienced sales staff is uniquely dedicated to helping you find exactly what you need to upgrade or totally transform your home’s hardworking bath and kitchen fixtures and features. Contact us today to make an appointment for a guided shopping experience you’ll love.

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