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Bathroom Renovation on a Budget… 7 Tips

Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve been considering a bathroom remodeling project, you might already have sticker shock from looking at prices for many popular bathroom upgrades.

According to Angie’s List, “Average bathroom remodels fall between $9,600 to $11,000 in costs. A low-end remodel typically costs around $2,500, while high-end remodels cost around $23,000.”

No matter where your budget falls on this spectrum though, there are ways you can cut costs and still end up with a bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

Here are our top tips to save big on your upcoming bathroom remodel, while adding features and value.

1. Put Your Money toward Big Impact Items

One of the best ways to save money on your bathroom remodel is to focus on what matters most. While there are potentially hundreds of options to spruce up an outdated bathroom, it’s important to concentrate on items that will bring the most lasting value and provide the biggest impact.

According to Thumbtack, the following upgrades provide the most bang for your buck when it comes time to remodel your bathroom.

  • Updating or retiling your floor
  • Replacing or refinishing your bathtub, toilet, or sink
  • Replacing or updating your shower
  • Adding or replacing fixtures and faucets
  • Replacing cabinet hardware
  • Updating your countertop

Avoid spending money on other bathroom items until you’ve taken care of these basics.

Also keep in mind that prices for many bathroom essentials such as toilets or showers can vary widely. Opt for quality items designed to last since a cheap toilet could end up costing you down the road if it leaks all over your newly installed flooring.

But, don’t go overboard on fancy features. For example, most bathrooms can do without high-end toilets with multiple flushing options and heated seats. If you do choose to splurge on something luxurious, be prepared to cut your budget in other areas to make up for the added expense.

2. Use Tile Sparingly

The right tile can add style and an air of luxury to your bathroom space, but tile can get expensive fast. This is especially true when you choose high-end, artistic tile or you hire a contractor to professionally install your tile.

One way to cut costs is to use high-impact tiles strategically, such as on one horizontal strip along a wall or a vertical strip in the shower. This will make the expensive tiles stand out, providing a greater impact on your overall design. Fill in the rest of the wall or shower with less expensive tile that compliments the high-impact tiles, or paint the walls instead to save even more money.

If you want to do tile walls and flooring, be sure to shop around for the best deal. Tile prices have become more competitive in the last few years, so you can often find less expensive options if you take the time to do a bit of browsing before you buy.

You can also save on last year’s discontinued tile designs. Just be sure there is enough tile available to complete your project before you buy. You don’t want to run out of tile before your flooring or walls are finished.

3. Imperfect Countertops

Granite countertops are a popular option in many modern bathrooms. Most homeowners don’t mind splurging here since the bathroom countertop is typically small and doesn’t cost nearly as much as countertops for kitchens. Still, granite can be expensive, especially when you choose popular neutral colors such as brown, beige, or tan.

To save on your bathroom countertop, look for less popular colors that may be discounted.

It’s also possible to find slabs of granite that contain minor imperfections available at rock-bottom prices. The amount you save will depend on how noticeable an imperfection is. But keep in mind that many imperfections will not show if they are located in the area where your sink or faucets will be installed. That could mean a high-end look at a discounted price.

4. Update Your Fixtures First

If your bathroom remodeling budget is low, you’ll be surprised how much you can change the look of your bathroom by simply swapping out old lighting fixtures, faucets, cabinet hardware, and towel racks with newer, modern fixtures. This project is relatively easy to do, won’t cost much, and can make a dramatic difference in the look and feel of your bathroom.

5. Go Green to Save Green

Invest in a low-flow toilet and sink and shower fixtures designed to save water. These fixtures often cost a little less than traditional fixtures and will help you save money on your water bill for years to come.

Another way to go green is to replace incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting with modern LEDs, which “use 75% less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting,” according to the US Department of Energy.

6. Up-Cycled Decor

Look for ways to re-use items you have around your home to spice up your bathroom decor. Do you have a vintage mirror collecting dust in the attic? It might work perfectly above the vanity in your bathroom. You can also re-use containers, shelving, or vintage finds from a flea market or yard sale to add sparkle and personality on the cheap.

One popular trend is up-cycling an old dresser or make-up table to serve as a bathroom vanity. With a little work, you can cut the top off of an old dresser to accommodate a sink, remove and reposition drawers as needed, and cut holes in the back for plumbing connections. The result is a unique vanity at a very low cost.

7. Re-Painting Can Work Wonders

Re-painting your bathroom is one of the most cost-effective ways to refresh the look of your bathroom without spending a lot of money. But, before you rush out to choose just the right color to give your bathroom that serene, spa feel, keep in mind that painting your bathroom will take more time than you probably realize.

While bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in the house, they also contain many immovable fixtures that you’ll need to paint around such as the toilet, mirror, sink, tub, and shower. This means more painter’s tape, and a steady, slow hand.

Another thing to consider is the type of paint you use. Moisture is a big issue in most bathrooms that can easily lead to mold and mildew. That means you’ll want to choose a high-quality paint that can handle frequent temperature changes and varying levels of humidity. This is particularly important on the ceiling, where mold growth is common.

No matter where you are in the bathroom remodeling process, there are always ways to cut costs and get the most for your money. When you remember to concentrate on the basics that add value, shop around for bargain prices on tile and countertops, invest in quality fixtures, and use your creativity to re-purpose or up-cycle vintage pieces, you’ll be well on your way to creating the beautiful bathroom you’ve always wanted.

At Weinstein Supply, we’re here to bring your bathroom remodeling project to life with thousands of professional grade bathroom fixtures in a variety of price ranges to suit any budget. Visit our showroom in Lancaster, PA to see all the latest finish and style options, many with a lifetime warranty!

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