KOHLER’s New Sensate® Voice-Activated Faucet: Is It Right For You?

As more of our home appliances and electronic devices become “smart” by way of internet connectivity and wireless control, it was only a matter of time before our plumbing fixtures like toilets and faucets did, too.

Our friends at KOHLER have long been industry leaders in some of the best quality and most innovative kitchen and bathroom fitting and fixture designs, so it makes sense that they would also be leading the way in making smarter, app-controlled products for the hardest working areas of your home.

Today’s post concentrates specifically on one of KOHLER’s banner smart fixtures—the Sensate hands-free kitchen faucet with voice-activated technology. Announced at the annual consumer tech trade show, CES, this past January, (but not yet available on the market), we wanted to review the benefits this new faucet promises to deliver so you can decide if you wish to add it your personal “internet of things” at home. Continue reading “KOHLER’s New Sensate® Voice-Activated Faucet: Is It Right For You?”